Hello world

Hello world

Hello and welcome to my new website, well websites!  I think I've finally found a place to call home and it's all thanks to Squarespace, an utterly brilliant service I've been looking for for years!

Squarespace... it's so simple to use!  Why have I not tried this until now?  Gosh!  Creating and editing my pages is dead easy, Drag and drop, add bits in 'blocks', edit with ease.  Creating this website has been a joy.  Not only that, their support is excellent!  I have had the best support mail I've ever had.  It was the first time I've used the service and was playing around for pretty much a full day before mailing into support for a long, long list of queries.  It wasn't long before they came back with an exceptional reply.  It detailed every query, was laid out in an easy to read format, went as far as giving me links to direct forum posts to code snippets that they don't direct support and (this impressed me a LOT!) even included a link to a personalised video of my site and someone demonstrating how to navigate to a settings page to remove a sidebar.  Wow!  On top of that the templates are great, the ease of use is amazing and I've had such a wonderful experience with Squarespace overall.  Just awesome! Thank you very Squarespace.

OK then, what have I done?  I've been able to create cover pages for my sites as well as pages hosted here and also linked pages to my social media stuff.  So I've splitted things up into three clear parts:

Yes a gaming site.  It's a new thing for me but more on that later.  For now...

My personal domain is hosted here and to keep it simple I've created a blog, which I can link easily to my Medium page if I want to and a social page with a few widgets for my Twitter and Flipboard and YouTube playlists.  That's it.  I don't think I'll add more and I'm undecided where I'll post my blog-like posts.  What you're reading is obviously on Squarespace here but I have linked to a quick Medium post too, which is as simple as adding a link and ticking a box.  The linking is not perfectly though so might stay on here but both are great blogging tools and linking is very useful indeed.

Hmm, what camera do I have?  Hint, it I've put a pic of one  above

Hmm, what camera do I have?  Hint, it I've put a pic of one  above

My photography domain name is off-site.  I've decided to re-sign up for a year of 500px so it points to my 500px portfolio once again.  This just makes it's easy to maintain as that's where I'll be uploading my photography anyway.  Yes you read that right, I'm hoping to resurrect my photography after years in the wilderness.  I've already got a workflow set up and I've been subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud for a few months now (to encourage me to get to use Photoshop and Lightroom, which I'm paying for monthly!).  I also bought a new Sony compact camera recently (oh my, it's awesome!).  And as Squarespace supports 500px as a social media connected account I can use their 500px 'block' as a gallery here with requires no editing thereafter (I'll go into 'blocks' and all-things Squarespace another time).  Lovely.


So what's this gaming site all about then?  Well I game a lot and even though I'm coming up to my 40th year on this planet there is little sign of me slowing down.  I'm thinking then, well it's easy to record your gaming sessions nowadays and uploading to YouTube and Twitch is near-effortless so why not create a gaming site to put this content on.  I've already got an idea how I'm exactly going to do it.  I want to edit the sessions (like a proper YouTuber) but want to do it right and the videos needs to be slick and high quality.  I don't want to do any commentary so will use some sort of interesting commentary annotations somehow.  And I want to upload in the best quality video I can - purely because I have this lovely 3880 x 1440 screen and I don't see a lot of content that is utilising it.  It might be the video services but the quality of gaming videos is generally really low and would like to make my minute contribution to getting 4k quality content popular.

Anyway, that's for later.  For the moment I've created social feed pages here for both my gaming and photography sites, like my personal one, and links to all my gaming and photography social media sites.  Beyond that there's not much to the website.  But that's on purpose.  It needs to be low maintenance.  I don't get much time to do this sort of thing and don't want to have to endless edit this site like I've had to with BloggerTumblr and WordPress.  Most of my content is curation and you'll find me posting on Twitter and sharing on Flipboard and YouTube more than I'll be on here.


Oh... I should mention the new logo.  Yes, it's a dragon.  I like dragons and that's why my logo is a dragon.  I have no better explanation. :-)  I'm not sure it's final (it is a freebie pic afterall) but I like it.  I've used it for all three of my sites just to have a running theme.  I was thinking of changing the colour of the dragon to match the text colours I've used on each of the cover pages but I'm going to stick to the red for the moment.  I made it for my gaming site only anyway, though  while I was there I created personal and photography logos too.  What do you think?

Well I hope you like the new site?  I think it looks really good.  Please send me feedback via any of my social media sites below, at the top or on the side menu (yes that 3 bar icon thingy on the top left) or the contact form here.

See ya.

Medium, it’s alright isn’t it?

Medium, it’s alright isn’t it?